"As I See It: Woman in the Mirror"

"Woman in the Mirror" is an original, mixed media on board. 50" x 60". This work is part of a series I'm calling "As I See It: A Re-envisioning of Masterworks." This piece is a tribute to Picasso's "Woman in the Mirror".  Of course my model is black, then there's my statement, which is: I'm concerned that many of our queens don't know how beautiful they are. In this piece I reveal the perceived and promoted notion of what black beauty is--according to social media.

The seriers will end up being a celebration of my 60 years of growth as a professional artist and will include  twelve (12) large scale works of art that includes tributes to Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’, Warhol’s ‘Marilyn’, Vermeer’s ‘Pearl Earring’, Munch’s “The Scream”, and Picasso’s ‘Woman in the Mirror’, among others.  Each of the pieces is visually compelling because I do use people of color, but each also contains a social message that is sometimes obvious, sometimes not.  

Each original in the series is $40,000 USD. 

A Limited edition giclee on canvas is available in a signed and numbered series of 50. The canvases retail for $500.00 each.

A Limited edition giclee on archival paper is available in a signed and numbered series of 50. The prints retail for $350.00

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