If you didn't know, ART not only documents our life, our history, and our culture, it's one of the few things that increases in value! (I keep telling y'all that).

At www.gilbertyoungart.com, we're getting ready for the Fall buying season with international collectors, and looking forward to all the holiday art exhibitions and sales.

We're also raising prices of everything on www.gilbertyoungart.com tonight!

For example:  The "He Ain't Heavy" lithograph is $150.00. Tonight at 9 p.m. the price will increase to $300.00.  "He Ain't Heavy" will be 38 years old this year, and is the longest selling, most recognized work of art in ethnic art history.

If you were eyeing something for your collection, now's the time!

We are very excited to announce that www.gilbertyoungart.com will now offer the best works by our friend, the late Carl Owens (1929-2002).  As you may know, he's most famous for the beautiful piece above. It's called "Little Flower," a gorgeous little girl in front of a cascade of yellow blooms.  Over the next few weeks, we'll introduce you to many other great pieces that you might not know were by Carl. 

It will take some time to get the entire collection posted. Until we do, take some time to browse the first releases posted under "Carl Owens Art" on the first page of the web site.

We're sure you'll find something you MUST HAVE for your own collection, and maybe something you'll want to give as a gift for this year's holiday season.

It's a Carl Owens Celebration y'all!  Join us.  


He Ain't Heavy tee shirts are now only available in XL and 3X.  Wow, another generation of shirts down!  I do them about every 20 years...so the next time around, I'll be 95!!  LOL. Better get one now!  GY

Great fun, great sales, great time at my studio yesterday. Thank you everyone!