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I am writing this letter to you, because you are a friend of Gilbert Young.  I too am his friend, having known him and his family for over ten years.  I would like to take a moment to let you know a few things about this man you may or may not be aware of.

Gilbert Young is currently celebrating 50 years as an artist.  He is one of the most renowned black artists in America.  He has taught young aspiring artists throughout his career and produced hundreds of paintings and drawings that are being enjoyed by thousands of collectors.  He is an important role model for young artists who are struggling to achieve recognition.  He came from very humble beginnings and has never wavered from his determination to make a difference in the American culture through the messages conveyed in his artwork.  He has reached down to lift up countless others in his lifetime.  In fact, his most famous work, ‘HE AIN’T HEAVY’ has become a trademark of his immeasurable impact on artists, teachers, politicians, musicians and countless others.  I hope you share my admiration for this man and his art.  If you do please join me and hundreds of others as we provide the support he needs to produce even greater works and a lasting legacy to his community as well as a heritage for his family.

We have created the Gilbert Young Patron’s Club website as an interactive site that you can become a member of.  You will be able to sign in with your own private ID and password.  As a Club member, you will be the first to preview new releases of Gilbert’s work.  You will also become eligible to win an original piece of artwork during a drawing to be held each quarter.  This means, four times each year, you will be entered into the drawing to win.  You will be able to interact with Gilbert online and watch video of him drawing and painting in his studio.  All of his creations have a story behind them.  He will tell the story of each of his featured pieces so that as a member, you will be able to enjoy them even more.   There will be private showings in cities across the U.S. for members only.  You will be able to purchase artwork at special exclusive prices.  These are but a few of the benefits you will receive as a member.  Special announcements will be posted as new promotions and activities are developed for your personal benefit.

For me, I take great pride in being allowed to be the very first member of this incredibly important cause.  I hope that as a collector and long-time fan of Gilbert Young’s work, and a recipient of the message he imparts through his creations, you will join me as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the artistry of Gilbert Young. 

A Friend of Gilbert Young,
Dan L. Ortega